Sape Omnia Magazine

Inspired by the slow food movement, Sape Omnia (Latin for "savor everything") is a quarterly magazine whose goal is to show people how to employ "slow" in everyday life. Featured articles in this issue include topics like mending clothing, Kintsugi, and the economical and nostalgic reasons we ought to invest in "box fresh heirlooms."

  • Role Photographer, Editor, Lead Designer
  • For Advanced Design (GDES 420)
  • Type Class Project

Because of the theme of "slow" that drives the content of the magazine, I knew I had to pick mediums that forced me into that frame of mind: everything I do had to be done with great love and care.

The front over and table of contents of Issue 001

Through this project I picked up some fun skills, like cross stitching, and arranging type out of tiny shards of broken porcelain! The treatment of the title spreads for each featured article needed to be bold, so that's where a lot of my energy was focused for this project.

The opening title spreads of the three featured articles

Opening spread for “Mending Over Spending”

An inside spread of “Mending Over Spending”

Process shots of me washing my dissolvable cross stitch grid from an old sweater I used for the stitching.

Opening spread for “Reclaiming Damage”

An inside spread of “Reclaiming Damage”

Process shots of me breaking pieces of plates and arranging the porcelain shard typography.

A shot of the porcelain typography.

Opening spread for “Box Fresh Heirlooms”

An inside spread for “Box Fresh Heirlooms”

The front cover of issue 001 next to the front over of issue 002