PrideFund to End Gun Violence

During a summer internship at JEL Creative we received a phone call from Jason Lindsay, CEO of Pride Fund to End Gun Violence. He needed a logo, a splash-page, and foundational branding ASAP. I was charged with leading the design and logo development from sketches to final deliverables, and finished in just four days time.

  • Role Lead designer
  • For JEL Creative
  • Type Internship Project
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Despite being only a month and a half into my first design internship, the JEL team entrusted me with leading the logo design for this high priority client.

I had just under 4 days to conceptualize, draft, refine, and present a logo for a PAC that supports candidates who will act on sensible gun policy reforms while championing LGBTQ safety and equality in the wake of the Pulse nightclub massacre.

Initial drafts and mind maps

After getting all my ideas down on paper during day 1 I then had to refine three to present in a client phone conference meeting the next day.

The following are the three directions we presented as possible options.

We provided three different logo directions to choose from.

After discussion with my co-workers and the client we realized that the dove/heart shape felt more "charity" than it was a symbol for a political action committee. The gun with the tied barrel was still much too aggressive, violent, and a tad ironic for an organization against gun based violence. The heart shape with the P felt balanced, and fairly representative of the Pulse nightclub, which was important points for our client.

Most of the collateral we created for their events that summer were pieces such as t-shirt graphics, sticker layouts, rally and yard signs, along with hand-out cards.

By far the most rewarding parts of this project were seeing something that I had a big part in creating being used in real life.