Cold Kit

Our mission was to design a mobile application that helps college students who fall ill get the resources they need quickly and with minimal effort.

  • Role Illustrator, Story Boarder, & UX Designer
  • For Experience Design I (GDES 425)
  • Type Class Project
  • Teammates Benjamin Fall and Zachary Schneider

Introducing Cold Kit.

Cold Kit Mobile App from Alice Packard on Vimeo.

User testing the process of buying a kit

Problems we were able to indentify through paper prototyping and user testing:

1) How do users know how many questions there are in the questionnaire?

2) What kind of feedback will users receive to know they've completed a question or if they are changing the values they're inputting?

3) Users hesitated upon receiving their 4 digit pin. They often took lots of prompting and hints to navigate to the map.

App Walkthrough:

Cold Kit Screencast from Alice Packard on Vimeo.

Interactive Adobe XD Prototype: