Design Show Branding Sytem

Unbeknownst to the general public, AU’s design department is really kick ass. Our faculty is top notch, and our rigorous program has launched some amazing talent into the industry. This is what inspired my branding system for our annual spring semester design show:
No Pressure, No Diamonds.

  • For Branding Systems (GDES 400)
  • Type Class Project


This branding system is based on the following:

AU's design department is very much a hidden gem, unbeknownst to a large portion of our university's students and staff.

Not wanting to imply that the design department is on some unattainable pedestal to students of other majors or schools, or that we're snobs, I wanted to encourage people to interact with and create things to contribute to the show in a small way.

The common misconception amongst the few people outside of the design program who doknow about it that all we do is code websites and make facebook infographics. I executed this in the color palette and the poster design.

The Design Show invitation and “Make Your Own Gem” template sheet.

A student cutting out and assembling a Design Show gem.

Screenshots of the home page [left] and a poster project nested under the work" page [right]

The building and electrical wiring of the gem-slots in the poster

Someone interacting with a Design Show poster and gem that they made from the previously shown template.