I’ll be the first to admit that I’m late to the party when it came to graduation announcements. My mom explained that this is something that seniors are putting together a good 2 months before commencement. But hey, I got there eventually. The week after walking across the stage I realized I hadn’t even considered announcements. I hopped on the google machine to see what was available for quick turn around and everything looked like butthole. No way was I dropping $30 on my name in generic brush script and no thought to type hierarchy. This is the part where the devil shows up on my shoulder and whispers “but you could design it yourself and get it printed somewhere faaaannnnccy!” And of course I caved.

I began by looking through the photos my kid brother took on grad-day to see how fancy I could get with cropping myself out and doing some fun duo-tone photo manipulation like those Spotify playlist images. Since it was overcast that day the lighting just wasn’t dramatic enough for that to work, so I scrapped the idea and went a more traditional route. Clean border, big photo on one side, custom notes on the back, and all the personality in the “SHE GRADUATED!!!!!!!!!!!”

I got them printed at Moo, but unfortuantely suffered from two rounds of production errors: once getting someone else’s order, and the second round there was a misprint with the card to be sent to my grandparents in Kansas. Moo is graciously sending me a third copy of this order, free of charge and rush delivery, so I ain’t mad. I splurged on their Luxe Postcards to get the matching blue border.

Given the simplicity of the design I figured I might as well sell custom grad card packages on Etsy! I’m letting folks pick their border color, side-card stripe color, photograph, and of course custom messages (up to 25). I’m handling the printing (still through Moo) and shipping 'em off with love. $175 gets you handsome grad announcements with 2.5 week turn around.